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Alien Tongues presentations at InConJunction in Indianapolis

Alien Tongues (and our allies from the Klingon Empire) has returned from the InConJunction SF convention! In addition to our panels, we have other science-fiction linguistics goodness to share. Our Xenolinguistics panel

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Alien Tongues away team at InConJunction next weekend!

First! I have a new story out at AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review. It’s about the man who sells out the human race for alien pocket change. The linguistics in it is incidental, but real, though the post about … Continue reading

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A quick Xenolinguistics primer

Justin B. Rye at the Speculative Grammarian has a delightful Primer in SF Xenolinguistics. Rye offers ten rules of SF and fantasy language clichés, muses briefly yet thoroughly on the ways in which alien languages might differ from human languages … Continue reading

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