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Atlantis: The Lost Language, part 2

In part 1 of our series on the Atlantean language from Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire, we looked at how creator Marc Okrand drew on historical linguistics to create words that could have eventually become the vocabulary of modern languages … Continue reading

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“Tina. I’m Tina. ‘Akushtina Santis Pulivok.” I had no idea why I gave him my full name. I could always tell when someone thought it was strange and that happened often enough that I had quit saying it. “?Akushtina,” he … Continue reading

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Mispronounced, mangled, changed

“Venice City could be mispronounced, mangled, changed over the centuries through pronunciation errors,” Perkins said. “It could have become Vaycehn.” Kristine Kathryn Rusch, “Becoming One With The Ghosts” The crew of the Ivoire is just realizing that they’re in the … Continue reading

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Linguistics in District 12

Why do these people speak in such a high pitch? Why do their jaws barely open when they talk? Why do the ends of their sentences go up as if they’re asking a question? Odd vowels, clipped words, and always … Continue reading

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Alien Tongues Away Team at Louisville Science Center!

Star Trek: The Exhibition was just at the Louisville Science Center in Kentucky, and the Alien Tongues Away Team was there to do presentations on the Klingon language!

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The sounds of Dothraki

Fictional languages often contain “exotic” sounds (i.e., sounds English doesn’t have). Sometimes they’re missing an English sound so that their speakers can have a charming accent. Every human language does stick to some specific set of sounds (called an “inventory”), … Continue reading

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